To open your door when you don’t have a key or if your lock doesn’t work anymore

Our Locksmith will help you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

–          Have you closed your door without taken the key with you? Deur open flipperen

–          Is your key broken?

–          Have you lost your key or is it stolen?

–          Or doesn’t work your lock anymore?

–          Do you want to have more locks for your safety?

It isn’t any problem for our Locksmith!
Call us directly: 06-24680255

Our Locksmith can be with you in about 45 minutes.
We have a fixed price, no matter how long it takes to open your door.

The Locksmith tries to open your door without damage and most of the times it will succeed. When he isn’t able to do it, the Locksmith will tell you what the other possibilities are to open the door and tell you the prices. You can decide what you want to do to open the door.

Payment will be by pin or cash!